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Because evil doesn't necessarily have to be taken seriously.

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Celebrating the villains of 'Harry Potter' with a good dose of lulz.
Do you root for the bad guys? Or do you find them inexplicably hilarious? What about both? Hello, we are slythykins and we are not afraid to laugh at our cinematic role models.

Your mods are sarahleia, nicccc, jestergundam, golden_helikaon, sadobear and thenewpyt!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is slythykins the right community for me?

Well, to find the answer to that question, we must take a look at you. Do you like to laugh? Do you see something funny in things that perhaps...aren't supposed to be so funny OMG LOL VOLDIE RESURRECTED LULZ...? Do you feel any kind of warmth, fondness or affection for the villains in Harry Potter? Do you just want to give Voldiekins a nice big hug?

If the answers to any, most or all of these questions was yes, you may just have struck gold with slythykins. Apply to join today!

2. What can I expect from slythykins?

Well, it's a crack comm, so anything goes! Except Twilight. No Twilight. We have houses (go here to be sorted), a crack-lulzy role-play and some more stuff! Whoo!


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